Spa Center

Niska Banja (Nis Spa) is located 10km away from Nis on the road to Sofia. The first bath was built in the 2nd century and in the period of Turkish rule they realized that they could benefit from this thermal water. Medically, Niska Banja has a mild, sedative climate, very good for convalescents. There are three principal sources of thermal water and the gas Radon and sinter. Banja also offers wellness and spa programs and 50 trained medical professionals for the patients. It’s a 20-minute car drive or 10.6 km away.


Wellness and Spa center ‘’Sense’’ helps the body and soul establish harmony and reduce stress. There are many number of treatments: anti-age, anti-stress, happy weekend and anti-cellulite. Packages which include massage, Jacuzzi with thermal water, aromatic baths, Finnish and vibro-saunas and cosmetic treatment.

Address: Institut »Niška Banja« – Stacionar »Radon«Srpskih junaka br.2, 18205 Niška Banja Web site:

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